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Billy DeCarlo is an American writer of novels and short stories. He is a native of the frozen northeast, but now travels the country with his wife in their recreational vehicle.


At my core, I’m just a humble, blue-collar guy who has always loved to write. To be honest, I don’t seek fame; perhaps just enough fortune to pay the bills. I write because I need to write.

The most rewarding thing a writer can receive is a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads from those who enjoyed the work.

The most constructive thing a writer can receive is a private message with anything that can help to improve his or her work.

The advice to writers about marketing their books is consistent in stating that a writer 'platform' is necessary for any writer to be successful these days. As someone who would rather spend time writing than maintaining a plethora of social media sites, and to whom privacy is a very important consideration, I hope you will understand, and view my work based on its content, and not my social skills. I do hope that you sign up for the newsletter at my website so that you hear about future books and other news.

Reviews are the currency of the craft, so if you have enjoyed my books please take the time to review, and if not please send me a private message via one of the below means. Inquiries will be fielded by my wonderful wife, who is my publicist. Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you enjoy my books!

Thanks, Billy