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It's Alive! Vigilante Angels Book I Launch Sale 99 cents!

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Vigilante Angels Book I: The Priest went live today in paperback and Kindle ebook (launch sale 99 cents!) on Amazon. Book II: The Cop is also up for preorder. Both are available at

Thanks to those who helped me with beta reads and Kindle Scout nominations! I could use some reviews and social media coverage if you read it and can spare a minute and a sentence or two. Constructive feedback also welcome via email. I'm hard at work on Book II: The Cop. It's 75% of the way done, and I have a deadline of June 12 to get it to the editor. It has some great twists and surprises in Tommy's journey.

Thanks for your support, Billy

Vigilante Angels

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Vigilante Angels Book I: The Priest is available now for pre-order on (Kindle version) at  It publishes on June 2, 2017 and the paperback will also be available at that time. Also on June 2, Book II: The Cop should be up for pre-order. Lots of progress in the last week! Book III: The Candidate is fully outlined and ready for the writing.

Vigilante Angels Book I: The Priest Available for Pre-order!

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Hello friends, as those of you who nominated my book know, it wasn't selected by Amazon. Dang! It's all good though, they're mostly picking romance books now, and this is no romance :-)

It's going to be published by another publisher, Wild Lake Press. The Kindle version is currently available for pre-order on Amazon at for 99 cents. It will publish next week on June 2 (or sooner). That's an intro price and will last for a least a few month. The paperback will also be available on June 2 on Amazon.

For those who find the price too steep, sign up for my newsletter at and I'll let you know when I qualify for a free promotion and can give the ebook away for a limited time. I hope to have the audiobook out in a month or so.

Again, the support here has been amazing, you guys are fantastic.