Vigilante Angels Series:

Book I: The Priest: Available now on Amazon!


    If you were going to die, who would you kill? 

    Tommy is a retired cop and former Marine, with a lot of regret and little time left. In an effort to become a better person, he tries to purge himself of his prejudices while battling his late-stage cancer diagnosis.

    He befriends Moses, a fellow patient also seeking redemption for past misdeeds. They share their distaste for those who perpetrate evil upon others, and decide to team up and do something about it.

    Their target is a priest who's been accused of child abuse - but Tommy's fight against evil may come closer to home than he imagines.

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Vigilante Angels Book I by Billy DeCarlo

Vigilante Angels Book I

by Billy DeCarlo

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Book II: The Cop (available for preorder!)

In book two of this series, he finds himself fending off an investigation led by a brash and corrupt cop. He finds an unlikely partner in his son’s former martial arts instructor, a fellow cancer patient who has his own demons and motivations. As Tommy’s disease progresses, the cop zeros in on him and the people he loves. What will finally give?

Book III: The Candidate (scheduled for pre-order in July 2017) A candidate emerges who is a threat to all Tommy stands for. With all he has left, for those he has lost, he aims to stop him.

Key West and other Short Stories: A collection of short stories about our relationships, good and bad. Status: Partially complete.