Hello friends and readers! A quick note here to let anyone (that doesn’t already) know, I’ve started a blog/journal series on Substack. It’s to document something very different, a kind of reality story. I hope you’ll subscribe there (it’s free) and follow along! It’s easier there, a better platform, and I don’t have to spend all day dealing with bots and scammers. The welcome message is below, head off to see the first post here!

You read novels, but do you also like real-life drama? Many of you follow me because I write about dramatic, dangerous adventures. Giavana, Pia, and I are about to embark on one for real, and honestly, I’m a bit nervous about it. We’ve moved seven times in our eleven years together. On this journey, you’ll learn why. There are secrets to be told, in these posts and the audio version/podcast.

In short, we’re selling all our crap, and moving into a small RV, full-time, just before winter. Best case, it’s forever (whatever that is, we both have health issues). Worst case, we hope to make it a year.

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You’re receiving free posts and audio from Billy DeCarlo, Project: Pioneer. It’s very different. You love to read or listen to podcasts. Here’s your chance to live inside of one, as it develops. Giavana, Pia, and I welcome you to our adventure!

Project: Pioneer is a reality journal that’s part real-life ongoing drama, part personal finance/FIRE (CampFIRE!), part prepper/survivalist, part spiritualism/afterlife, part VanLife/RVLife. Buckle up!

It will eventually turn into a novel, and you may even become a character in it! Who will play you in the movie? :-)

You’ll get the first post soon. Read it to see what this is all about, and why we’re doing what we’re doing. You might enjoy the drama of it all.

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Written by : Billy DeCarlo

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