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In this edition: Farawayer on pre-order, and what’s next?

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Farawayer is Here!

Farawayer, a literary travelogue
Farawayer is on pre-order!

My first stand-alone literary fiction novel is on pre-order, with a publication date of May 28, 2022. It will also be on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback on that date. You can pre-order it from Amazon at: https://amzn.to/3vhhUEc

The Audible audiobook should be available at a later date. Amazon doesn’t allow pre-orders for paperbacks, so it will just magically appear at the same link on May 28. The blurb is below:

Have you ever wanted to just walk away from it all? Be completely free?

Go with Levi Terra as he does just that, hitchhiking and motorcycling through early 1980s America after he’s cast out of military service and cast away by his first love.

He’s disavowed strings, attachments, and becoming ensnared by the hamster wheel of life. The problem is, relationships don’t come without them, and beneath it all, he wants to be loved.

Will the pull of family, his past mistakes, or the tragic event that occurs on the road upend his quest for true freedom?

Farawayer is a sweeping literary travelogue that invokes hints of Kerouac’s On the Road and Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. Levi’s travels explore themes around racism, religion, friendship, family, homophobia, and the true meaning of quality in the one life we’re granted. It is a lyrical, philosophical journey across the beauty of a country and its people, a snapshot in time. Levi engages with truckers, cops, bikers, zealots, predators, and those in the underbelly of society, with whom he most relates.

If you loved Amor Towles’ The Lincoln Highway, you should love Farawayer!

As far as what’s next? I have a book of short stories that I hope to also publish around the same time as Farawayer. They’re snapshots of life in the vein of my favorite, Raymond Carver. I’m also working on a prequel and sequel to Farawayer, for folks who like that sort of thing. That should take me through the next year or so, God willing and the creek don’t rise.
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